WATCH: Baby kissing a fish’s mouth

No matter what the situation is, babies are always considered to be a beautiful gift. They are always a blessing to a family. It is one of the most precious and exciting thing that a family could ever have. They become the happy pill of everyone after a stressful day. Just one look in their big round eyes and their gummy smile can make all of your problems disappear. It’s amazing how they can giggle all of your problems away with having so much effort.

Many parents give their babies so much in terms of love and attention. Being a parent means always being there to promote and support their child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development. Parenting is an intricate process and requires a lot of work.

But raising them can be one of the greatest obstacle a parent can go through. Taking care of your children can be quite a handful especially when you are a busy parent, doing all the household chores, picking up groceries and cleaning up all the time. Nevertheless, we still all found these little trouble makers adorable. These little ones don’t like to sit still. They will always found activities that will surely make them busy which can be quite tiring for the parents but is very beneficial to their kids. Babies seem to enjoy what they do best; being active as much as they can.

In a viral video that was recently uploaded, a baby can be kissing a fish’s mouth in a water basin. The parents seem to be having fun, laughing in the background while taking the whole video. While some of the netizens find the video fun and hilarious, most of them share their negative reactions about the video. For example, one netizen shared how disgusted he is because it is very unsanitary to allow a baby kissing a fish’s mouth and he also said that the baby might get sick because of the bacteria that he might get from it.

As of writing, the video has now garnered a total of 2.7 million views and 104K shares. Today, the video still continues to make noise in the social media.

Do you see this video as an example bad parenting? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can watch the full video here:

Cute video….

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