Baby Girl Sends Everybody in Church Free Hugs

People always say the phrase, “Start them young.” There’s absolutely no harm in trying to get our little ones form habits especially when it is rooted in kindness and love. There can never be enough of those things that the world currently seems to be lacking in, right?

In a short clip shared by entertainment Facebook page UNILAD, a baby girl in a blue sweater was shown hugging church attendees as they entered and passed by her. The hugs were not short lived nor insincere. They genuinely looked like good ol’ cuddles! Everybody seemed to be just as excited as she was, because they were grinning very wide smiles as they approached her and some even looked back at her as they passed. She made sure not to miss a single person, even little children got hugs! How cute!

The one minute and three second video clip has been viewed a total of 8.2 million times since November of 2017, less than a year ago. It has also racked up as much as 79 thousand shares over he span of only 10 months. Of course, who could resist such a cute and joy contagious clip to begin with?

People from across the globe are more than eager to reach out and share their feelings towards the little girl’s sweetness. Brandi Neal, who undeniably watched the clip at least twice (enough to take notes, that is!) left a comment saying “One of the early guys tried to shake her hand, but she wasn’t having it. She was getting her hug!” The certain comment alone has 2.8 thousand likes! The power of hugs. Beneath that comment was another cute one that said “Maybe we should all be a bit more like this wee toot. A hug can go a long way.” This particularly rings true, doesn’t it? Sometimes a hug is all that we need, it is comforting and reassuring at the same time. Another user, Kelly Nehls wrote on her comment, “I’m heavily judging everyone on how tightly they hug her. I would squeeze that baby with so much love!”

Clearly, the parents of this little girl know what they are doing by taking her to church at such a young age and for her to develop enough people skills to spread this much love and joy towards everyone seeking the comforts of a higher being. Perhaps, God is working His wonders through her! There is nothing but love to be spread around, and we’re glad she’s practicing what is always preached!

Watch The Video Below:

Baby Girl Hugs Everyone In Church

This adorable baby girl wants to hug everyone who passes her in church 😇🙌ViralHog

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Source: Facebook

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