WATCH: Group of friends fail miserably while doing this stunt!

A group of friends have a tendency to do the most bizarre things when they are together. Therefore, it is really no surprise anymore whenever we see friends doing the most out of this world stunts. Sometimes, they succeed but sometimes, things do not always go as planned. This was what we exactly saw in a viral video that featured three friends trying out this really “out of this world” stunt.

In the said video, we see three very close friends who decided to have fun one day. Apparently, their definition of fun was doing a stunt. The whole thing happened in just under 20-seconds. It started out with 2 out of the three friends carrying the third friend by their shoulders. Later on, they elevated him more by lifting him with their whole arms. They made him look like he was “flying” as they attempted to cross a certain hallway.

At first, it was really amusing and hilarious to see this. It was indeed something that you did not see every day. In fact, we could even say that it was really an entertaining thing to watch. We might have even tried it out ourselves.

Sadly, things did not turn out the way they wanted. While laughing and helping their other companion “fly,” the friend who was leading the run suddenly tripped. Because of this, he fell down. More importantly, he caused a domino effect. The minute he started making his way down to the concrete bellow him, his flying friend came down with him. Instead of being Superman, he ended up getting super hurt, so to say.

watch video here:

Yo volando a tus brazos 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

Posted by Javier Ramos on Saturday, September 29, 2018

The friend in front was able to balance himself before hitting the floor, but the one they were carrying flew straight to the ground. Based on the video, it really looked like a very serious fall. Sadly, it all ended there and we really don’t have any news regarding what happened after.

Hopefully, no one was hurt. Though it is really fun to do these daring things at times, we should always be cautious of our actions. The simplest forms of enjoyment can lead to the most life threatening instances at times. Always remember to think before trying to pull of a stunt. Take care of yourselves, guys.


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