Rules Of Survival Girl Went Intense

We are in 2018, an age where different kinds of technology are constant in our society. Our daily lives would be hard to imagine without the perks of having the technology that we are enjoying today. Particularly, life won’t be the same without the thrill and excitement of playing computer games. Many of us fail to notice how computer games greatly influences our way of thinking, how it produces an impact in our culture and also in our way of life.

Many of the youths today are crazily hooked in a popular game called “Rules of Survival” or simply “ROS.” It is an online battle royale game which was developed by NetEase Game and was launched last November of 2017. The point of this game is survival from the name itself where players are encouraged to fight with each other until the last person or team is alive. The players survive by looting different kinds of weapons, medical health kits and armors for protection. It promotes the player’s strategical and critical thinking in order to be successful and win this game.

Recently, a short video about a girl playing the game ROS went viral. The video was shot in a computer shop and many of the players seems to be students. In the midst of the girl’s excitement while she was playing, she started to scream and swear on her opponent. After that, the other youngsters that are scouting the game who are seen in the video also started to cheer and clap their hands with enthusiasm.

As of now the video garnered a total views of 388K views and 7.4K shares. A lot of netizens share their sentiments with the video and here are some of the comments from them:
“OA na girl”

Here is the video:

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Posted by The Philippines News on Saturday, September 29, 2018

“malakas pa yong sigaw kaysa sa damage.”
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