Twins Have Amazing Synchronization during Sparring

Wow! These two incredibly bright boys train each other boxing. Known as NBC Little Big Shots the two in the video are only 10 years old! The twin is quick to remember his brother’s long list of combinations and remembers everything effortlessly and seamlessly in their performance. We had to watch the video three times in a row because it was so satisfying to watch them both get it right and at the same time, coach each other sportively! Perhaps being twins help to be so gracefully in sync, and being identical twins count as extra points. But really, that memory is amazing. Some of us even have troubles memorizing our passwords and that’s something we encounter almost if not on a daily basis.

The post shared by popular meme site 9gag currently has 1.5 million views and 11 thousand shares on Facebook alone. Clearly, we aren’t the only ones impressed by the two, just looking at the view and share count! Keep in mind that this was also shared on 9gag’s other social media pages like Instagram and Twitter. We’ve officially become Grandy Twins fans over here. Who isn’t after that? They don’t play!

The comment section is almost as excited as us as well, very funny comments are evident which is expected from 9gag’s typical audience. One user says, “If it was me with my brother.. I would get all the slip slips and bang bangs on my face… for I wasn’t even close being bright as these kids.” and when she wrote that, we deeply felt it too.

“I guess only my brother would just beat me with that stick randomly after telling me what he will do.” another user writes. “Being chased by chickens in the only thing I remember when i was at that age These kids are awesome!” says another person on the comment section. We felt that one too, to be honest!

The jokes seem to come endlessly with people poking fun at themselves for being nowhere near how crazy good the two are!
Ria Sooknarine, another Facebook user, writes about the twins “Soooo knowledgeable at such a young age..absolutely wonderful..good job parents..good job..” She’s right. The video clearly shows a future coach and a future champion!

Watch video here:

Brother Shares Boxing Skills with His Twin

That’s what brothers are for. By Grandy Twins

Posted by 9GAG on Saturday, September 29, 2018

If you wanna know about the twins, you can find out about them on Instagram by typing @grandytwins_boxing. It will lead you to more awesome short clips and an insight to their training life as well. Have fun and don’t beat yourself up! Pun intended.


Source: facebook

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