WATCH: Guard dogs caught a robber in the act!

Some people decide to adopt a pet for companionship reasons, but some adopt a pet so that they can have another set of eyes to keep their homes safe.

For those people who decide to keep a dog for safety reasons, they also often put up a sign that warns people to “BEWARE OF DOGS,” and a recent viral video proves just how helpful adopting these amazing creatures can be.

A CCTV footage captured the attempt of a man to rob a house. Based on the video, the man climbed over the cement wall around the perimeter of the house to get in the property. But just as he put his foot down on the ground, two guard dogs immediately came running to the backyard.

The dogs were visibly barking and jumping on the man and even biting him to ward him away. The man can be seen trying to climb back over the wall, but the dogs were biting on to his clothes so hard they were hanging by their mouths.

Eventually, the man unsuccessfully tried to get the dogs off him by moving around the backyard but just decided that running to the nearest exit would be his best choice.

The footage ended there but it can definitely be seen that the guard dogs did an amazing job in saving their home from a robber.

The 1 minute and 45 second video immediately went viral and earned thousands of views, shares, and reactions. Many netizens also shared their thoughts and similar experiences in the comments section.

“A moral lesson for robbers and intruders, that’s what you get for your bad intension, you are caught by the amazing dogs [redacted] bite [redacted], please bear in mind that bad peoples intension are not allowed by God because this good people are being protected and guided by the Lord above…” one netizen said.

“me ilove my dogs bastat may tumapat na sa gate naku ala ng gagawin kung d tumaholl cla.i love chuchay scrappy patsi at syempre c cloe.tas c faith hahaha kahit malakas kumain ok lng.taga bantay nman cla ng bahay at maaasahan,” another netizen said.

“Hahaha. Buti nga sau. Galing ng owner. Sana lahat may cctv at aso para wala na magnanakaw. Sana nakagat yung kamay nya. Hahaha,” one user said.

“HalA ayan pinapak kn ng mga aso Yan kc bkt nmn kc gnyn p naiicp mong hnap buhai… Nakakawa n nkakaiinis din… Nkakaawa dla ng khirapn sna hinde gnyn ang option n npili pra sa buhai mo kakainis dhil kung mkta mo ung my ari bk my ngwa kng hinde mgnda sa knila,” another user said.

What did you think about the dogs in the video? Do you have your own guard dogs? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!

Watch The Video Below:


guard dog!Credit: pinoy comedy videos

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, September 30, 2018

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