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Grandma Pranks Grandpa!

Have you ever tried pulling off a prank on your partner and you just end up laughing at yourselves, or have you ever experienced getting set up on a prank by your partner, or anyone you’re close to? Isn’t it hilarious to goof around with your loved ones and have a good laugh together every once in a while?

No matter how old people get, we never lose the sense of humor we once had. Just like in a viral video that went all over the internet recently where a senior woman pulled off a prank on her husband. She pretended to perform a simple ‘magic trick’ that turned out to be just a prank.

In the video, she is seen putting a coin under a bottle of water, claiming that after she removes the cloth that she will use to cover the bottle, the coin will magically transfer inside of the bottle.

As she performed her ‘magic trick’, she peeked into the hole of the bottle, saying that the coin is already inside it, causing her husband to look into the bottle as well. And that is where the prank kicks in. As her husband peeks through the hole of the water bottle to check if the coin is really inside it, the woman squeezes the bottle, causing the water inside it to burst out on the man’s face.

The couple both ended up having a good laugh together, finding the whole prank hilarious even if the man got wet in the end.

It is indeed nice to do something fun and trippy every now and then, but let us not forget to know the limitations of every situation, and be sensitive enough to keep in mind the things that can already be hurtful or insulting to the other party. On the other hand, having a partner who tends to create random gimmicks can really give color to a couple’s relationship.

Watch The Video Below:

Grandma performs the water bottle prank!

Funniest water bottle prank ever 😂

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