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Woman Demonstrates A Good Way To Bathe A Baby

Being a parent is a life changing experience. New perspectives of different sorts are formed, priorities are shifted, and routines created too. Of course as all every parent loves their children unconditionally, that would mean that each of them also want nothing but the best for their son or daughter.

Wanting the best can come in all sorts, from material things, to education and most especially the health of these youngsters. There is nothing like the assurance of having a well rounded baby, and comes with it is the anxiety of not knowing certain ways to ensure this.

New parents often have to sort their way via trial and error, of course, one can always learn from another person’s experience too. Take for instance, a post shared by entertainment page Trend Zilla of a video initially uploaded by BabyCare Viet Youtube Channel.

In this particular clip, the baby’s care giver is about to give an infant a shower. The video comes in extremely handy for those who may be new to this or are looking for some excellent tips to do a better job.

The video starts with her brushing the baby’s teeth very gently with a small cloth, dental hygiene should not be neglected! This was followed by rubbing the a cloth as gently as she can on the face of the baby as so to clean it, babies faces are very sensitive as babies are fragile in general!

She proceeds by taking a small dollop of soap or bath gel and massages it onto the baby’s scalp, rinsing it moments after from the tub. At this point, it can be seen that she has prepared two tubs – a yellow and a green one where the baby was set to have some quality play time!

She did this by stripping off the baby’s little clothes and slowly soaked her into the green tub, belly down. It was such a gentle and relaxing treatment that the baby didn’t even cry when she cleaned her from neck to feet!

This is definitely an amazing tutorial for those looking into a good bath routine.

Watch The Video Below:

how cute

cute babyCredits:BabyCare Viet

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