A video of a baby who seems to be having a lot of fun playing with a Cobra gathered thousands of views and shocked comments on Instagram. The Instagram account seemed to have grabbed the video and reposted it. Having 55,000 followers, the video had tons of attention. It was uploaded on Instagram with the caption, “This can’t be safe.”

In the video, a baby, looking probably below two years old, is sitting on the ground with an adult Cobra hissing and moving around the baby energetically. The baby seemed to be very entertained while he is playing with the snake, being innocent as he is and not realizing the danger it might bring him.

The people around the baby, including the person who was taking the video did not seem to be frightened or even worried at all. The peculiar incident gathered lots of online feedbacks from different followers around the world.

Some of the comments were:

“I think that snake does not have teeth”

“I can’t believe it why isn’t the snake biting him”

“Cobras are really aggressive in the wild, I’m not sure about when they are tamed, but this one has his mouth bound.”

“Very wrong, animals usually target the very young and very old because they’re an easy prey.”

There is a high possibility that the snake indeed had his fangs removed by the people which could explain why the baby did not get bitten by it. However, the snake could have strangled that child and cause him to lose his breath, so it cannot be assured that the child is safe even if the snake’s fangs are removed.

It is exciting to see unusual and risky things every once in a while and find something very new to our senses, but let us not compromise our safety and security. Life is a precious gift, we should not take it for granted and risk it for anything.

Watch The Video Below:

Walang takot laruin ang ahas

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Saturday, September 29, 2018

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