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Woman Channels Her Inner Cardi B, Waves Her Finger At Her Boyfriend While Rapping Along With A Song

Whenever you are in a relationship, it really is all about a give and take set up. You can’t expect to always get your way, nor should you just give in to your partner all the time. In several instances, it is through not giving and taking that people get into heated arguments. This leads to getting into fights, where yelling and screaming are involved.

However, there is this couple who was seen in a bar handling their issues in a very different manner. A viral video has been going around online showing how a girl tells off her boyfriend through singing Cardi B’s rap lyrics.

We see that the video was taken inside a bar. In the middle, there was a guy in a plain white shirt standing in front of his girlfriend who seems quite not happy with him. She takes his drink and waves her finger in his face, all the while she was singing to the lyrics of the song Bodak Yellow.

We later find out that the couple was actually Maleni Cruz and Chicklet, a couple who has gained quite a huge number of following on Instagram and YouTube. Those who follow their videos would say that this scene is no longer new to them, as most of the videos these two upload are footages of them getting in arguments.

However, other netizens who have seen this video had mixed reactions about the scene. Most of them are not in favor of how the woman acts as this kind of behavior is exactly what women oppose. People have been saying online that this act should never be condoned and that people wouldn’t find it funny if it were a guy doing it to a woman.

Watch video here:

He just want enjoy the night 😂

Posted by TRILL on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Others, on the other hand, went on to defend the couple as this is their normal way of communicating to each other as seen on their other videos.

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