This Guy’s Face Literally Turned Sour After Being Pranked By Friends Using LIme Juice

Apart from video challenges, pranks are also one of the most trending videos circulating on our newsfeeds these past few weeks. It seems unbelievable, but it is also surprising how many kinds of pranks people could come up with, not to mention how creative they get in thinking of these stunts.

A recent prank has been going around several social media sites, and it is also being dubbed as a challenge, too. It is called the “Calamansi Challenge” wherein you squeeze some calamansi (key lime) into a friend’s mouth while they are sleeping.

In this video, we see this poor guy being the subject of such a prank. In the beginning, we see him having a good night’s sleep. He looked pretty comfortable despite the fact that he was just sleeping on some makeshift bed without any cushion at all.

He probably fell asleep there out of getting tired for the day’s activities, but his friends had a lot more energy—enough to pull a prank on him. We see that as he sleeps, his mouth was half open, and this is normally the case if people are so deep into their sleep.

His friends saw this as an opportunity to pull the prank on him. Out of nowhere, we see someone extend a hand in front of the camera while holding out a piece of calamansi. He takes this over the guy’s mouth and squeezes the juice into his mouth. Some of the seeds of the fruit even fell on the guy’s lips.

Unconsciously, the sleeping guy tries to taste the calamansi juice, like what you would do out of reflex. Once his taste buds have realized the taste, he makes this funny really funny facial expression, and just buy the looks of it, we can tell that the juice was really sour.

Watch video here:

Calamansi Challenge! Ang mahiwagang kalamansi! 😂🎥: Hans Baranda

Posted by PINAS Mix Shared Videos on Friday, April 27, 2018

Finding this reaction extremely hilarious, the guy holding the camera decides to squeeze some more juice into the sleeping guy’s mouth, and he didn’t fail in achieving the same look on the guy’s face. Bet you won’t be sleeping with an open mouth after seeing this video.


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