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Guy Gets Carried Away In Dancing, Did Not Realize He Was Dancing With Another Woman That’s Not His Girlfriend

Dancing really speaks to your soul. Whenever you hear the rhythm of a groovy song, your body just seems to move with it involuntarily. Dancing makes you get rid of your inhibitions and just get carried away to grab a partner and dance it out. Just take a look at this guy in the video.


The video begins with a scene in a party. A lot of people were around and there were also tables scattered here and there. By the looks of the people in the scene, it looked like it was some formal cocktail party as there were girls in expensive looking dresses.

The camera pans to the right and on the dance floor, we see a couple bursting with energy as they were grooving to the music in the party. The girl had a fairly skinny physique, and she looked like she dressed for the party. She was wearing an black fitted dress, with puffy sleeves.

The guy, on the other hand was leaning towards the plus size category, but that didn’t stop him from going all out with his dance moves. He was wearing a simpler attire; a blue collared shirt with white lines, and a black pair of pants.

Judging from the looks of it, the guy seemed like he was only a plus one to the party, since most of the people that were there were women, and the guys who were in the scene wore a much formal wear. But he didn’t seem to care about that as he was really in the mood shaking and grooving with his partner. Only that the woman he was dancing with, was not actually his girlfriend.

From the side of the room where the tables were located, a plus sized woman wearing a pink dress walked towards the dancing pair and goes directly to the guy. She grabs him by his shirt and pulls him away from the dance floor. Apparently, she was the girlfriend and not the one the guy was dancing with.

Watch video here:

Posted by Joseph Madrilejo on Friday, September 28, 2018

While all of this was happening, the girl in the black dress just awkwardly stood on the dancefloor, probably not wanting to be part of this couple’s hullabaloo. But as soon as the couple gets out of sight, she continues dancing by herself. What can we say, dancing is life!


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