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This Rabbit Saves The Day For This Cat

When we were young, we dreamt of having rabbits as pets at least once. We want to experience seeing them jumping and running in our yard, we want to see how adorably they would eat their carrots and their celery non-stop. These are really cute and loveable animals that seem to understand human connections.

Rabbits are generally playful. They get along with animals of the same species. They also get along with other animals such as cats and dogs. This is why in fact, many people love to have them together with cats, dogs and other domestic pets. They are super fun to have.

One of the reasons why many people love this adorable animal is that bunnies are known to behave cleverly. In fact, one of the videos featuring a rabbit bunny went extremely viral after it was posted in social media. There are a lot of netizens who loved the video so much.

The video showed how a rabbit bunny has been a hero for the cat that was trapped in a shed. At first, the owner of the bunny was a bit confused with what’s going on. The bunny was relentlessly digging the soil as if he was looking for something. He kept on digging and digging until the reason why is he doing that came out.

Moments later, the paw of a trapped cat was seen waving repeatedly. The bunny did not stop digging until the cat was able to sneak out of the shed. He made sure that there is enough space for the cat to squeeze out. It is really beautiful to see how animals like them work together for their safety.

There are social media users who shared their thoughts regarding the video. Some of them said that the video showed the special connection between the rabbit and the cat. They said that this kid of video is very rare so the owner must feel lucky with what he witnessed.

Watch the video below:

This tiny rabbit is a hero! 😍

This tiny rabbit is a hero! 😍

Posted by Daily Mail on Thursday, September 27, 2018

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