Everybody is so used to their own daily routines, tucked in the comforts of repetition. We wake up, drink our coffee, get dressed, go to work and come home. It is how most of us go about our mundane lives, especially in between places during transportation. It is simply getting from point A to B during these moments.

Some days, though, there could be glitches in the simulation. A disruption in a routine is not entirely uninvited especially when it’s a surprise dance off at a place where you least expect it to commence. For instance, in a particular incident in an NYC train, an unknown citizen filmed a group of friends getting their ride in such a confined space turned up! The said people are seen to be doing crazy moves of all sorts – from jumping, to back flips, to pole swirls, to straight up just lit dancing! It was such a refreshing sight to see in contrast with idle sitting down waiting to get off to one’s destination which we have all been used to.

The Facebook post by 7K, an entertainment website, has been shared 68k times and has over 44k views as of this writing. People are also quick to add to the hype of the video, some even tagging each other with intentions to get their next train ride just as entertaining, some extremely proud to live in the city they are in for having this type of culture. It was even briefly considered as a classic subway performance by one! Some, however are not as pleased with such behavior keeping in mind the tired commuters who nearly just wish to unwind and relax. Considerate, of course, but a little fun can’t surely harm anybody.

What would you do if you came about something as unexpected as this? How would feel? Would you join in? Let us know in the comment section below!

Watch The Video Below:

They lit 🔥

Posted by 7K on Monday, September 17, 2018

Source: Facebook

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