A 3-year-old boy dancing and twerking wearing an off-shoulder top, skirt and boots.

Recently, there’s this video who gone viral because of a 3-year-old boy dancing and twerking wearing a girly outfit. It seems like he doesn’t care at all to those who are watching him he just dances and dance because it makes him happy to entertain those who are watching. It is really an entertaining one I guess. We all get entertained to those children who is very cheerful and full of energy.

Lots of netizens react on this video positively without judging the child on how he shows off himself. It is truly not judgeable because honestly, we can’t stop ourselves by being a gay or a lesbian or a bisexual because obviously God made our heart to be like who we want to be.

Some people have difficulty accepting others who are different, whether it’s because of their race, sexuality, religion… the list goes on.

But if someone’s bullying you because of your sexuality and being abusive, leave as soon as possible and talk to someone you trust who is supportive about what’s going on with you. Its not you its them If you’re being harassed, judged or made to feel bad about yourself by someone else because of your sexuality, remember that there’s nothing wrong with you; the problem is the other person’s ignorance and intolerance.

If you feel comfortable, try talking to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. If you don’t want to talk about it with someone you know, contact a support service or helpline where you can remain anonymous.

In this case of a 3-year-old boy let’s not judge him and to his parents, just support your child on what he would possibly become.

Watch The Video Below:

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