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Teacher greets each of her students in a different and special way

A teacher’s role is to help her students acquire the knowledge they need in academics and in life. More on that, they also should be able to inspire and motivate their students to keep learning.

Every teacher has a different method to shape the minds of their students. Some believe that being strict enables their students to learn discipline and obedience. Others make try to be a “friend” to their students by being nice and fun in class. In an article on Feedy TV, a teacher found a unique way to motivate her class to come early in school.

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An unnamed educator from an unidentified school impressed netizens by how she greets each of her students every day. Before class starts, this teacher makes her students line up outside her classroom. To be able to enter the room, all of her students must do their special handshakes.

In the video, she had 20 students lined up. All of her 20 students had a different handshake which she was able to memorize. According to the article, the teacher hopes that her students have a memorable day every day with her class.

Many studies have proven that starting the day early is healthier for both the mind and body. In the morning, our brain is more productive therefore it is the best time to do some work, this includes studying. Starting early also means ending early. However, not many students love the idea of waking up early.

Because of what this educator has thought of, she was able to motivate her class to come to school at the right time. She effectively made her students excited to come early for her class which is undoubtedly impressive.

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For what she was able to accomplish, she has become an inspiration to every educator. For teachers, it is important that beyond the homework, projects, and textbooks, they acknowledge their students and prepare them for their future. This means sharing their values and experiences to give their students an idea of what it would be like once they graduate. The best educators are the ones who know how to reach beyond the academic sense of things.

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