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There are many kinds of pranks in the world. If you called a friend and said you were the police, that would be a prank phone call. Some pranks can be mean and even dangerous, while others are silly. Some people prank their friends, while others prank people they dislike. Some people never outgrow the need to pull a good prank.

But this prank got viral because of a service crew who’s cleaning the table while the customers are still eating, some of the customers are not happy because some of them just got started eating what they ordered. Imagine someone taking the food that you crave for then suddenly some crew took the food and throw it away, thinking how much money you’ve spent, time you’ve waited for the food to be served. Since it was posted in social media many have negative comments about it especially in the Philippines as for example this is a comment from Facebook by one of the netizens,

“It’s just a prank to other country, but this is not qualified joke in Philippines, specially to those who have not enough money, to those who await in line to order food. do not waste food! Sabi nga bawat butil ng bigas mahalaga! Marami kasi pinoy na mainitin ang ulo at hindi madaan sa biro lalo kapag gutom!”.

“this is not funny at all… not cool guys… whoever think this is funny must be a psychopath… wasting food, yo there are people who can’t even eat properly like homeless people, and yet your wasting food… the ones pulling the prank must be crazy…”.

Basically, this prank happened in Brazil and it was one of the segments in a certain TV show. So, the reactions from the customers are not that violent some are saying that if it was happened in the Philippines they might do something that may lead in to violence. Filipinos are not that fond of wasting food, we value the food that was placed on our tables and not mentioning the price of the food we are eating whether in our home or in restaurant and fast food chains.

Watch video here:


Posted by Otom Tin on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

For those who already seen the video do not waste food many people are starving because they don’t have something to eat. Be grateful for what you have and for those people who have negative comments, don’t worry because those food that we’re throwed are being replaced right after the prank. Pranks are like a social experiment where they get to know how people react to a certain scenario and some are actually funny.


Source: Facebook

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