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WATCH: Elderly couple shows true meaning of “Relationship Goals”

Perhaps, we can all agree that the true testament of being in a “relationship goals” bond between two people is growing old together. If it so happens that you don’t agree with this, you might want to check the video below.

In the viral clip, it showed how this elderly couple remained sweet with each other despite their age. While they were sitting on a couch, grandpa was seen carrying grandma on his lap. As the sweet music played in the background, he was patiently moving his rocking chair in order to put grandma on sleep.

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Although it was just a very random video that was uploaded on the internet, it was indeed worth mentioning how totally loving and deeply caring grandpa was to the love of his life. It is also safe that there was still an oozing romance between those two.

So, because of this particular moment, plenty of netizens were left inspired and many afluttered while watching them on a sweet manner.

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As a matter of fact, some of them even tagged their loved ones and wished that they could do this when they grow old. See some of their comments below.

“Sana hanggang tumanda tayo mahal, ganito tayo. Sorry sa lahat ng mga pagkakamali ko. Alam ko minsan sablay mga nasasabi ko. Pero sana maintindihan mo ko. Mahal na mahal ko kayo ni Bleng ng sobra. Minention ko na lang dito. Baka kasi ‘di mo tanggapin sorry ko sa chat. Iloveyou both.”

“That’s what my grandpa did for my grandma love it. I don’t have them here anymore miss them like crazy I do anything to have them back.”

“Even if we keep on fighting, I still want you, and to be with you every day and for the rest of our lives. Iloveyou papa and to our daughter, Iloveyou!”

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Watch the entire video below.

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