WATCH: Two motorcycle riders got lucky after risky stunt!

Motorcycle riding can be an artform and a sport especially when practiced properly and safely.

There are many tricks that can be done with a motorcycle, the most famous one being wheelies – or when the motorcycle rider lifts the front of the bike and only uses the back wheel to get by. There are many variations when it comes to this stunt but the sit – down wheelie has to be the most tried and tested one.

Motorcycle stunts are meant to be done in prescribed stretches of roads and fields. Any risky stunt for that matter, should be attempted wearing the proper outfit and gears and should be done in the safest stretch of road there is free of other motorists and potential hazards.

Unfortunately, knowing that these stunts can potentially be hazardous does not stop others from trying it anyway.

One video recently went viral showing two men riding on a motorcycle and attempting to do a wheelie in the middle of a busy street. The man controlling the motorcycle was wearing a helmet but the passenger behind him did not have a single safety gear on and was only holding on for dear life. The lack of safety gears did not stop them from trying the famous stunt anyway.

When they were about to land, the motorcycle started to tip to the side so the rider in control of the bike immediately tried to right themselves and bounced a few times before finally finding their balance again. The second leading up to their questionable landing made the heart of netizens stopped as they watched the passenger hug the front rider so hard so that he will not fall off the motorcycle.

The 15 – second video immediately went viral and gained hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of reactions and shares from netizens all over social media. Some even tagged their friends and shared their own stories and experiences similar to what happened to the two motorcycle drivers.

“Hahaha!!!! Muntik na ma sablay naka testing din ako yan pero hindi ako nadradrive akong best friend,” one netizen said.

“nangyari na satin to diba kaso diko lang alam anung face mo nun eh basta ang alam ko nakakatuwa ung mukha mo nun aahahahahahahahah,” another netizen said after tagging his friends.

What did you think of the two motorcycle riders in the video? Would you attempt this trick too or have you seen something like this in real life? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Watch The Video Below:

Muntik na

Muntik na

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