Netizens go crazy over a “woman in labor” who sounded like Cardi B!

Cardi B. is one of the biggest artists in the industry today. She has proven this through her numerous hit songs that easily appealed to a lot of people. Fans from all over the world quickly recognize her for her very distinct voice. The moment you hear the first lines of the popular artist’s songs, you will already know that it is her. This is why a lot of netizens were amused when they saw this video of a “woman in labor” who sounded exactly like Cardi B.

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In the said video, we see the woman already in the delivery room ready to give birth. The woman was doing something else instead of the usual screaming and moaning during the process of labor. To the surprise of many, she was actually singing the lines to some songs. What got the people talking about the whole thing was the fact that she sounded exactly like Cardi B. If you closed your eyes and just listened real good, you would know what exactly what we’re talking about!

Later on, we find out that the woman wasn’t actually giving birth. At one point, she decided to “do things on her own” so she pulled her “baby” from inside of her by herself. To the surprise of many once again, she was just holding a baby doll. Later on, we discovered that this woman was named Natalie Friedman. Apparently, she is an actress known for her humorous content posted all over her social media accounts.

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Just like most of the things that she puts up, her Cardi B. video was simply well received by her audience. It was reposted by a Facebook page called “Creaze” and since then, it has gathered around 11,000 reactions, 4,600 comments, 47,000 shares, and 4,700,000 views. More importantly, it fooled a lot of people into thinking that it was really Cardi B. who was in the video. You got a lot of us real good, Natalie! Continue pleasing your audience with your highly entertaining content!

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Watch The Video Below:


Cardi B giving birth was really popping 😂With Natalie Friedman

Posted by Creaze on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Source: Facebook

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