These kids play in a fake war causing chaos and violence

Violence is the behavior involving physical force. Its purpose is to hurt, damage, or end someone’s life. Nowadays, many games are done with violence. There are some video games that apply violence in the virtual world. While there are also some games played in reality that can cause violence.

Three months ago, a Facebook user uploaded a video that features a fake war. The video includes young children and teenagers. On the video, it can be seen that all of these kids are on the street holding their own fake weapons. Each of them has a fake rifle and they were all firing at one another like a real war.

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It can be seen that these kids didn’t care about the vehicles passing through the street. They kept on firing at one another like they have created their own world that they are only ones exist. The video was captioned in a different language, but when it is translated in English, it says “Ready to send on the Gaza line.”

The caption may be a joke, but it has definitely meant something. The Gaza is a place where Israel and the Palestinians are fighting over. For decades, they have been fighting over Gaza, on and off. It is not mentioned where the location of the video was taken, but it surely includes either Israelis or Palestinians kids.

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Though in real life, Palestinians don’t have an army. But there are rockets that were regularly fired from Gaza into Israel. Israelis living in border towns are used to having to take shelter and adapting their lives to deal with the rockets. That’s why violence is not really new to them. Sadly, it’s already a part of their life.

Having the history of war, children were born getting exposed to violence at an early age. Seeing firearms aiming at people and rockets launching everywhere are their reality. But in this video, even though the kids were just playing, we still hope that they won’t get to be tolerated by violence.

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Watch The Video Below:

Siap di kirim di jalur gaza

Posted by Haris on Sunday, June 17, 2018

Source: Facebook

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