LOOK! these people acting like a zombie captured by the police in Brazil!

Some substances really have to power to change the way people act. Sometimes, it does a little bit too much. This is enough evidence to prove that you should never try taking them. In some situations, it can even lead to very radical effects. Just like this Brazilian woman who was under the influence of a strong synthetic substance. After taking it, she started acting like a zombie from the movies.

The “zombie” was seen lurking freely in the streets of Brazil. Before everything was too late, the police caught it and put it at the back of their pick up. Based on some sources, it didn’t do anything threatening to others like running around and feasting on human flesh. On the other hand, it seemed like it was doing something bad to itself. On the physical side of things it also looked like the brain craving humanoids that everyone runs away from.

The video showed that the woman was shaking non stop. She clearly had no sense of control with her actions. To add to that, she was also very pale. The woman’s face had black outlines surrounding its eyes that were almost as white as snow. It was truly a very terrifying site.

The uploader of the video stated that the substance that the woman took could really give someone a sense of relaxation that a lot of people crave for. On the other hand, having too much of it will make you do “zombie like” actions. For the woman in the video, it was the latter result.

Hopefully, the issue with these types of substances get resolved soon. This video is already enough to prove that these things will certainly lead to nothing good. Remember, these things have the power to do a lot of bad things to us. On the other hand, we ourselves have the power to say no and resort to something else that will lead to positive effects. Make the right choice if ever you get faced with situations that involve these substances.

Watch The Video Below:

Cuando la Ficción se hace Realidad.#Alerta: La Droga #Zombie ya está en #Brasil.La Droga "Cloud Nine" y otras…

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