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Take a look at this giant Anaconda spotted swimming casually in a river!

Are you familiar with the Anaconda movie franchise? Its the movies wherein the main antagonist is a huge snake feasting on a group of people one by one. It was quite huge back in the day as it certainly brought in a new element to these types of films. Think of it as that generation’s very own Jaws. Of course, it paved the way for other films with animal antagonists, as well as a new found level of dismay for snakes.

Recently, an Instagram video went viral as it featured a gigantic Anaconda. In a river in the middle of the jungle, we all got to witness a man taking a video of the gigantic beast. To the surprise of many, the man did not seem scared at all. In fact, he even followed it as it swam into the area filled with tall grass. It seemed as if the man was even amazed to see the reptile.

Luckily, unlike in the movies, this snake did not do anything life threatening to the video taker. It just casually passed by and minded its own animal business. A lot of people reacted to the said video. Some were left with goosebumps while some were equally amused with what they saw.

Snakes are one of the most threatening creatures in the world. In modern day, people have already started making them their pets. Despite this, we should still be cautious. Some of them are highly venomous while some, like the Anaconda, can physically do something bad to you if it suddenly decides that it is up for a snack.

It is great to see these animals in their natural habitat. What do you think you would do if you encountered a snake of this size? Would you freeze upon the sight of this scaly figure passing by or would you excitedly interact with it? Whatever your decision is, we hope you end up okay! Alway remember, be careful with these things!

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Instagram

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