Learn how to be an instant Math wizard with these problem-solving hacks

A lot of students really find Mathematics as major source of headache. Just seeing all the confusing formula and dizzying numbers could make people give up without trying. If you’re a troubled student who admit having weakness on Math, then you have to learn this simple and easy techniques that would help you solve equations.

1. Multiplication by 11

Most of the time, teachers only asked students to memorize the multiplication table up to 10. It made it easy to solve mentally since we remember the products of number pairs around this range. On the other hand, we start to experience difficulty when we have to multiply a number by 11.

To multiply any two-digit number by 11, simply add the digits of the number together and then put this sum between the original two digits. Take a look of this example, to quickly find the answer to 11 x 36, start by adding the two digits of the number 36 together to get 3+6+9. Next, put this new number between the original two digits to get 396.

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2. The “Butterfly” Method

Solving fractions could be confusing to many students. Good thing, this butterfly technique would give you a simple visualization to quickly arrive at the correct answer.

First, you just have to multiply the numerators and denominators diagonally then subtract them– the resulting number becomes your new numerator. After this, multiply the denominators to come up with your new and final denominator.

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3. Multiplication by 12

Now, learn another hack on the multiplication table. To multiply by 12, count from multiples of 1 and consider them as the possible first digit of the product. For the following digits, multiples of 2 would complete the missing answer.

What do you think about this Math hacks and tricks? Learn them to make your next problem-solving easy as pie.

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