Young boy shows off impressive talent in painting

Most people in the world love the art of painting. It is the practice of drawing with the use of paint, pigment, color, and a solid surface like canvas. Meanwhile, in a psychological sense, it is the expression of a person’s ideas and feelings through art. This type of creativity can make our emotions feel relaxed and comfortable especially during trying times.

A viral footage on social media showed a young boy with good skills in painting in the streets. Well, aside from his exceptional talent, it is very impressive to see a person paint well at an early age.

In the video, the young boy made an art out of his hands, fingers, and a couple of painting supplies. He proved that his raw talent can provide a quality art even with just a few resources of materials.

The young boy did not need any costly canvas, paints, and paintbrushes. To add another surprise, he almost finished his art piece of an island landscape in just around five minutes. He received a round of applause from the crowd around him afterward.

The netizen who captured the viral video wrote in the caption,

“I promised this young artist by name Lucas, from Porto de Galinhas-PE, to divulge his work, in the video, he says that it is better to work than steal, an example for many who think that the best way is to follow tortuous paths! Share it!”

Watch video here:

Prometi a esse jovem artista por nome Lucas,de Porto de Galinhas-PE, divulgar o seu trabalho, no vídeo ele diz que é melhor trabalhar do que roubar, um exemplo pra muitos que acham que a melhor saída é seguir por caminhos tortuosos! Compartilhem!#promessacumprida

Posted by Sergio Gilmar Filgueira on Friday, August 25, 2017

The video made rounds online after posting about a year ago and still proves to be noteworthy even today. As a matter of fact, the video earned a whopping million views and shares on Facebook. Social media users gave praises and applauded the young boy for his impressive talent in painting.


Source: Facebook

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