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Airport crew play with their batons like “Star Wars” lightsabers

The epic movie series “Star Wars” probably influenced a lot of people, especially their avid fans. This beloved movie anthology continued to thrive in books, television shows, computer games, comic books, and even theme parks!

Most children or even teenagers loved to get toy lightsabers – the most famous weapon used in the “Star Wars” universe. Some even waved the glowing sword around like it has given magical powers. Aside from the young generation, it seemed that adults are also a big follower of the space opera movie. Recently, some airport workers had fun around with their batons like they were in a fencing scrimmage.

A few days ago, a public Facebook page posted a video of three airport marshals enjoying some down time in the field. These fun-loving workers direct the movement of an airplane in the runway and its parking stand at a landing field. However, they seemed to have a short break in their job and just play around with each other.

The three marshals waved their orange batons and pretended to be characters battling in “Star Wars.” They whirled and thrusted their batons against each other, pretending that it was a lightsaber. One marshal even fell to the ground and acted wounded after being hit with the so-called lightsaber.

Although the caption did not include where the mock battle happened, a Jet Blue plane appeared in the background. The Facebook page that posted the video wrote in the caption, “Ever wonder why your flight has been delayed?”

Well, we might not be sure that some airport workers actually do this here in our country. But it can indeed delay flights of many people.

The viral video spread across social media in an instant. After just posting yesterday, it became one of the most trending topics in town. As of now, it reached thousands of likes, shares, and a million views on Facebook.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their laughter below the comments section after seeing the viral video.

Watch Video Here:

Duel of the Fates AIRPORT

Ever wonder why you flight has been delayed?Sígueme ➡️ DarthTemoc➡️ Grupo: Star Wars Universe

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