This Video Showed The Actual Landslide In Naga, Cebu. Watch it Here!

Nature really has its own drastic way of getting back at us.

For centuries now, humans have continued to habitate the in this planet, and it seems that we never learn. We never really got the message. Time and time again, we have seen Mother Nature unleash its fury on us and yet we only remember it when it happens. But we instantly forget it once we are able to recover.

In just a matter of days, we go back to our old ways, if not we also double the damage that we have done before. Maybe it’s already in our DNA to not care for things that we think doesn’t concern us. We think only of ourselves. We keep on exploring ways on how to better ourselves and yet we disregard nature’s warning.

In the recent Naga landslide, Filipinos were once again reminded just how powerful nature is and how devastating the impact could be once nature strikes back at us. There’s no denying that its impact has been too huge for our country. Up to now, many Cebuanos are still trapped beneath the rubbles and the rehabilitation is still long underway.

People are still hoping to be reunited with their loved ones and there’s still no way of knowing whether all of them survived. It’s hard to see and hard to comprehend just about how a single landslide could create this much impact.

Authorities are now placing importance in preparedness involved when natural misfortune strikes. At a time when modern technology precedes our own abilities, it’s hard to accept that we still haven’t innovated to prevent and if not gear up ourselves for these kind of encounters. It’s now that we realize just how backhanded we are when it comes to preparations on natural occurrences.

A hair-raising video of the landslide was released on social networking sites. It’s really trembling to see it as it happens. It’s almost like a nightmare knowing that there are innocent lives which are involved in the said incident.

Hopefully this incident will finally open the eyes of the people that the reality of strong occurrences like this can happen, and it can occur without warning. If we don’t act now, then we might as well say goodbye to the planet we consider home. And God knows, what will happen to us then.

Watch the video here:

Nakita sa camera tan awa ang pagkalanslide…graveh manlinbawt imo balhibo

Posted by Lawe Trazona on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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