Man on the street brings out a payment terminal to ask for spare change

A lot of us have experienced being approached by a person asking for some spare change. Usually, this happens in public places like the streets we pass by, such outside the mall or many times, in church. Of course, there are also those who approach us while we’re sitting in the comfort of our vehicles. Sometimes, we give them what they ask for. On the other hand, there are also times wherein we ignore them. Despite this, some of these people remain persistent when asking for spare change, just like this woman who actually brought out a payment terminal.

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If you do not know what a payment terminal is, it is the little machine found in the cashier areas of our favorite shops. It is what the sales personnel use to swipe our credit cards when we pay with them.

One normal day, a person was casually strolling on the streets with her vehicle. A little bit later, she had to stop probably due to a stoplight. Later on, this woman on the street approached her car to ask her for some spare change. Unfortunately, the person driving could not give her any. She claimed that she only had credit cards with her as of the moment. Upon hearing this, the woman on the street knew exactly what she was going to do. It was as if she already had a backup plan in case she got rejected.

A little bit later, the woman asking for change reached down her bag and brought out a payment terminal. With confidence, she asked the person in the car to swipe her cards in it. The driver was caught off guard as this certainly did not happen a lot. In fact, it really does not happen at all.

All of this was caught on video. It instantly went viral after being uploaded.

No one really knows if this happened in real life or if it was made for humorous purposes. In fact, the woman asking for change really looked serious with her actions.

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In the bigger picture, it is truly sad to see people having to do these actions on a daily basis. Poverty is really one of the biggest problems in the world. At times, these people asking for change can admittedly get annoying. Despite this, we should be more understanding about their situations. We may not always give way to their requests, but whenever we can, even if it’s not with money, we should try to help them out.

To add to that, we should also be thankful that we do not have to go through what they experience every day. Perhaps helping them out can be a way of “giving back” to the one who blessed us with our “more fortunate” lifestyle, to say the least. Try thinking about this next time you encounter these types of people.

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Watch The Video Below:

Yun namamalimos sa daan tapos sabi mo walang kang cash, puro atm at credit card lang laman ng wallet mo😂

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