WATCH: Guys pretend to be wizards from Harry Potter with fireworks

It is a fact that most millennials grew up watching Harry Potter. The first film, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was released back in 2001. But prior to the film series, it first came out as a book written by one of the most-loved authors, “J.K. Rowling.” In a Facebook viral post, a group of guys were playing with what appeared to be a type of firework.

This group of guys was imitating what it would normally be like in a battle between wizards from the Harry Potter series. Many comments said that they want to do the same thing this coming New Year’s Day.

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In the video, the group of guys was divided into two groups. One was using red fireworks while the other was using green ones. We can assume that what they were using was either a skyrocket firework or a sparkling candle. Either way, it was both dangerous and also irresponsible to do.

Netizens, however, were very amused with the video regardless of it being hazardous. Many even shared the video with their friends and laughed about it.

National Council on Fireworks Safety said that it is important for an adult to identify what kind of firework they are about to use. By law, minors are also not allowed to use fireworks without adult supervision. It’s best to keep fireworks away from children as much as possible.

Furthermore, they also stated that intoxicating drinks and fireworks do not mix. They recommend to light up the fireworks first before drinking elsewhere. Having fireworks can be really fun especially in the New Years but we should take note that it is also a responsibility.

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Now that the holidays are nearing, we must be cautious of any possible incidents. Always make sure that your family, including your pets if you have any, are safe. This allows us to have a stress-free holiday with the family.

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Watch The Video Below:

Grifinória x Sonserina 💥

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