Bereaved people dance to “Bboom Bboom” while bringing departed relative to the memorial park

Losing a loved one is truly one of those difficult times in our lives. During their wake, at times, a lot of us cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the emotions that built up inside of us. Even though we often say that this certain loved on is in a “better place now,” we still find ourselves grieving at the end of the day. Perhaps the highest point of these emotions shows during that long drive or walk when bringing this loved one to the memorial park. At this moment, reality starts telling us that this indeed the last time we will see this person, and it can get very, very sad.

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However, a video posted on social media shows the complete opposite of the aforementioned statements. As it spreads quickly, a lot of netizens took notice of how people were acting when they made their way to their relative’s final resting place. Instead of crying or praying, these people were actually singing and dancing to the song “Bboom Bboom” by “Momoland,” the famous all-girl Korean Pop group. It was very unusual indeed because, in these moments, the songs that people play are usually the mournful ones. It’s as if they were at a party instead of a memorial ceremony.

Obviously, a lot of people got confused after watching this. It was really not something that we normally witness in these types of situations. Netizens even shared their mixed reactions in the comments section. Numerous people thought that it was an inappropriate thing to do. On the other hand, some assumed that this was the request of the departed relative.

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Whatever the real reason behind this may be, we still send our deepest condolences to the family that this person has left behind in this real world. May all of those who went ahead of us find peace in their lives with our beloved Creator as well.

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Watch The Video Below:

Pati Libing ngayong Moderno na…Theme song, pang 🕺 SAYAW💃 na.Naka Momoland na 🤣BAKA AKALA nyo yan lang???May TOTOY BIBO pa! 👏 BANGIS!CLICK HERE 👇👇👇 share, baka ma #kmjs din HAHAHACredits: Jri Usi PerezMasantol, Pampanga

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