Two heartless men steal from an old man who was struggling to walk

It’s no secret that every one of us tries our best to provide for our family’s needs. For eight hours a day, all of us work our back off just to earn a little amount of money. Because of this, many people chose to take advantage of others just to earn a huge amount of cash in a more efficient way. Recently, a heartbreaking video of an old man as he was mistreated by unknown men has surfaced online.

His unfortunate experience have immediately made the netizens furious. People were also eager to know the identity of the heartless men so that they can be punished. They were also pleased to know the old man so that they could provide him help.

In the video uploaded, an old man was seen as he struggled to walk on their street. A few seconds later, two unidentified men who were riding a motorcycle approached the elder. They immediately asked the old man to surrender his cash and variables. One of them even checked the elder’s pocket for money.

The struggling old man immediately tried to fight back but has unfortunately failed. Because of the culprit’s strength, the elder even fell to the ground and has been obviously hurt. His ruthless perpetrators immediately escaped the scene and have left the aching old man. Sadly, no one was around to help him.

Until today, the authorities haven’t been able to identify these heartless men. Both of them wore helmets which made it more difficult to know their personalities. Although it might seem impossible to punish these men, netizens are still hoping to give the old man justice. Instead of respecting him, these men took advantage of his weakness and stole from him.

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Anung klaseng nilalang kaya ang mga ito??!😡😡😡 Pati matanda di pinatawad,Magtrabaho kayo oi!!!😡

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