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OFW does a magic trick upon saying goodbye to his kid

An Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW is not like any other workers. They don’t just leave their houses go to their jobs and go home after. OFWs leave their homeland and loved ones behind. They go to a different country where their jobs are located. Hoping to seek a better future for their family.

For them, saying “goodbye” to the people they will leave behind is the hardest part. Almost every day, you’ll get to see a kid crying at the airport. They cry because their mother or father or perhaps both of their parents are leaving to work as an OFW. But nowadays, it seems that there are ways to make the parting not that tragic.

Just two months ago, a video uploaded on Facebook went viral. The video was posted by a man named Nafson Tolentino. On the video, it can be seen that Tolentino and his family were already at the airport. Tolentino was leaving for Canada at that time as he’s set to go back to work there as an OFW.

At that moment, Tolentino was with his wife and kid. His kid was just a baby boy who is still learning how to walk. Upon kissing his loved ones to say goodbye, Tolentino suddenly did a magic trick. The trick was to make him look disappear behind a blanket so that his kid would think that he was just magically gone.

Tolentino did the magic trick successfully. His son didn’t notice that he ran off fast behind the blanket before it fell to the ground. He then waved goodbye to his loving wife as he walked towards the entrance of the airport. Leaving his kid without him crying at all.

Many netizens were touched about what Tolentino did. He made the parting easier and not too dramatic. His kid might be wondering where he went, but at least he doesn’t have to know that his father is gone miles away from him. Pretty sure when the kid grows up, he will understand that his father only left for his own good. He will also know that his dad is one of the Modern-Day Heroes for being an OFW.

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Posted by Nafson Tolentino on Friday, July 13, 2018

Source: Facebook

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