Drunk Old Man argues with his own reflection in the mirror

When we attend parties and celebrations, all we aim about is to enjoy and have fun. These occasions give us a chance to bond with our families and friends. Besides foods, guests also anticipate the party’s drinks and cocktails. These beverages give their confidence a boost to socialize with other people. But with the case of an Armenian old man, he got so drunk that he ended up fighting with his reflection in the mirror.

His humorous video has recently gone viral and has made thousands of netizens burst into laughter. This man will definitely bring you back your drunk memories.

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In the uploaded video, the man attended a house party and has bumped himself to a mirror where he saw his reflection. Obviously drunk, he thought that his reflection was blocking his way. He then asked his own image to either let him pass or he’ll be the one to step aside.

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He then tried to move aside but to his surprise, his reflection did it as well. The old man decided to proceed on walking but immediately got frustrated after bumping to his self once again. He started to get furious with his own reflection and converged into an argument with his self.

The Armenian tried to pass his reflection a couple more times but still ended up getting frustrated. It was quite obvious that the old man has been completely influenced by alcohol. His actions continued until the end of the video and no one dared to approach him to make him realize his mistake.

Upon uploading his video, many netizens immediately burst into laughter. Many of them even recalled their own experiences of getting drunk. Some were eager to know his reaction upon seeing his own act. There’s no doubt that this drunk old man’s experience has definitely brought smiles to our faces.

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Watch The Video Below:

When you’re really drunk 😄😄

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