Cats have feelings too! This cat proves that they have human-like emotions

We often think that a cat doesn’t have any emotions at all. Some cat owners thought their pet can’t feel anything and just do what they want. Usually, we just see them eat, take a nap, eat again, and go to sleep. Their everyday cycle might be just what it seems to look like, but on the inside, they also feel something.

A cat also has a human-like emotions. We may not be aware of it because they can’t show their feelings with kisses and hugs like what humans do. They also don’t wag their tails, lick people or jump up on their owners like what a dog does. But they certainly can feel love and affection like the rest of us.

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Just recently, a video about a cat went viral. The video proved how cats can feel many of the same emotions that we can feel. Including negative emotions such as jealousy, hurt, and sadness. On the video, it can be seen that the lovely cat was sitting down and was watching a video on a mobile phone.

As the video progresses, the cat suddenly curled up and rub its head on the phone. It was one of the cats’ gestures to show their love and vocalizing their affection. But the cat in the video seemed to look sad. Its face looked like it was about to cry.

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It was then explained in the caption of the one who uploaded it that the cat saw its owner on the video. The cat’s owner is already a year gone. Still, it seems that the cat remembered the face of its owner and got depressed knowing that he or she is no longer there.

In a study, it was said that a cat’s memory is thought to be at least 200 times better than dogs. Cats can be triggered by anything from a change in food or kitty litter or someone’s end of life. It doesn’t matter whether that someone is human or a feline as well. Once they got to be loved by someone in the same household, they will hold on to them for a long time.

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Watch The Video Below:

He sees his owner’s video who died a year ago.Wait ‘til the end. This cat’s reaction and attention is pure and priceless. 😭

Posted by Benjamin Madolora on Friday, September 7, 2018

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