Woman from Hong Kong gets swept off by Typhoon Mangkhut

Typhoon Mangkhut has greatly affected the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South China. Authorities of Hong Kong tagged Mangkhut as “Super Typhoon Mangkhut” at Hurricane Signal No. 10. Luckily, as of writing, there had been no casualties, except for most of their commercial buildings and establishments destroyed.

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In Facebook, a woman posted a video of another woman literally getting “swept off her feet” due to the strong wind of Mangkhut. The video created a divide between people who thought it was funny and people who didn’t. Within 2 days after it was posted it had already reached thousands of views and shares.


via: Facebook
via: Facebook

After being swept off, the woman on the video got ‘dragged’ so hard that she ended up in a standing upright position. Many observant netizens noticed that the video might have been in reverse. Some noticed how the umbrella did not fly off from the strong wind. While others saw a person riding a bike in reverse.

via: Facebook
via: Facebook

Most of the people that watched the video found it hilarious. However, there were those who were concerned and wondered why someone would film it instead of helping the woman.
Typhoon Mangkhut may not have taken anyone’s life in Hong Kong, but it tore their history apart. Their old and valuable trees that made their city green, collapsed. They said that those trees have already withstood 500, 600, and 700 typhoons in the past but Mangkhut was the only typhoon that made them fall.

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Posted by Wienda Zah on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Other damaged properties were the Iconic Duddel Street Steps and Hong Kong Disneyland.

It will take time to restore Hong Kong, but we are not yet certain whether they could restore the history they held dearly. Compared to the Philippines and South China, Hong Kong is still lucky to have no human casualties.


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