Nun racer puts other bikers to shame as she won a bike racing contest in Italy

When we think about nuns, we often picture them as women who are discreet, formal, and religious. These women have always been respected for their dedication towards serving God and the Catholic church. They are often seen inside shelters as they take care of elders and children who have no family to depend on. But recently, many people were shocked to see a “nun” as “she” outmatched hundreds of bikers in a recent race in Italy.

The shocking video was uploaded online and has immediately gained attention from around the world. It has also garnered different sentiments from people who watched the race.

A man named Marco Poziello, was recently spotted as he joined a local bike race called “Gran Fondo degli Squali” in Cattolica, Rimini (Italy). The competition took place last May 2018 where many locals also decided to compete for the race.

Unlike other contestants, Marco decided to wear a complete nun costume as he rode his vintage bike. Many were surprised to see his incredible speed as he pulled ahead of his opponents. People even burst into laughter after he showed his Christian cross prop as he passed other surprised contestants.

Surprisingly, Marco won the first place and has put other bikers to shame. After the competition, many were asking if he has an electric motor underneath his bike which helped him boost his speed. But the fully-bearded “nun” was certain that he was only using his superb racing skills and his old classy bike. People also took note that Marco has also joined previous races while he wore different costumes such as a priest, a postman, a paperboy, and a fireman.

Even though many were impressed by his astounding skill, people also took note that Marco has to avoid using these kinds of costumes.

Some were offended to see him and said that he was disrespecting the meaning of the religious attire. While some celebrated with him as he rejoiced for his victory.

Watch The Video Here:

The nun on vintage bike is awesome.

This nun is putting everyone to shame with her speed!! 🧕😂

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