WATCH: A cameraman rescues a puppy during his flood coverage

Due to calamities, some households lose a member of their family. It is unfortunate yet inevitable. In 1993, the US experienced a massive flood that is now referred to as The Great Flood of 1993. During that time, everyone was fighting to survive, everyone evacuated to a safer place. Everyone except cameramen who had to cover the flood. Don Smith, one of the cameramen who had to cover the flood, rescued a puppy who was also fighting for his life.

While they were filming the flood, Don and his other companion saw a puppy swimming against the current of the great flood. As good as he is, he decided to rescue the puppy but it wasn’t easy.


Don decided to help him after seeing him struggle to go above water. He attempted to walk in the flood slowly. Unfortunately, the current was too strong that he had to retreat. They continued to observe the puppy, the little pup tried to go inside a box for safety. Little did he know that the current would sweep him away. He went out of the box and started swimming again.

When the puppy was about to lose hope, Don came to the rescue. The helpless puppy started to feel some of his energy back as they met each other in the middle of the flood. Don was finally able to get him and keep him warm.

After the incident, Don decided to adopt the puppy and named him Rescue.


This story reminds us to help whoever needs us. It only requires your drive to help others in need, may it be humans or animals. Thanks to technology, Don Smith was able to share his story after 25 years. Now, it’s up there to inspire us for the rest of our lives.


Watch The Video Below:


This is simply incredible.Credit: The Animal Bible

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