These guys made a DIY hot air balloon, see how it goes

In the animated adventure 2009 film “Up”, a hot air balloon seems to be easy to make. But in reality, it’s not. A hot air balloon is the lighter version of an aircraft consisting of a bag called an envelope. It contains the heated air that makes the balloon go up. Beneath it is a gondola or wicker basket that carries the passengers.

Two months ago, the Facebook page Viral TRND posted a video showing how a hot air balloon was made. On the video, it can be seen how a group of young adults makes a small hot air balloon using lightweight materials. They used a foil for the balloon itself and assembled it with a stapler and screws.


When it was done, they tested it in different places using a burning liquid propane to see if it can fly away. Upon seeing that it works, they then decided to test it with a real person to ride the hot air balloon. The person didn’t ride in a wicker basket, instead, they put a small wood that serves as the platform for one passenger to sit.

At first, it seems that the hot air balloons go up smoothly. But as the video ended, the hot air balloon suddenly ripped in half, causing for the person riding it to fall down to the ground. The ones who got left on the ground run to the area where the person has landed.


But as the one holding the video camera got near, it revealed that the person who rode the hot air balloon wasn’t real at all. They just faked it at first to probably prank the viewers. Nonetheless, at least now we are sure that no one got hurt by the incident. Although, they have also proved that their DIY hot air balloon failed.

People should know that to pilot a hot air balloon, one must have a pilot’s license or an airman’s certificate. The procedure is the same as when someone pilots any other aircraft. So, to everyone who is thinking to make a DIY hot air balloon like these guys, maybe you should think twice.


Watch The Video Below:

The world's smallest hot air ballon.

Are they going to FLY. . .?? 😮😱Credit:

Posted by Viral TRND on Thursday, July 19, 2018


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