Watch Man In Neon One-Piece Goes Viral After Joining Pageant In This Hilarious Video

We often see funny video compilations on our newsfeeds, but some videos just exceed our expectations making us laugh so hard. The same is the case in this recent trending video of a man showing off his talent in a pageant.

In this very hilarious video, we initially see an empty stage of what seems to be an amateur beauty pageant. The lights were dimmed and it looks like they had some effects being played up. The stage’s backdrop had the words Miss InterGAYlactic are written on a tarpaulin. We can also hear the song Albatross playing in the video.

All of a sudden, a tall and lanky guy comes out. He was wearing a rather daring one-piece swimsuit that was neon pink in color with a scarf of the same color wrapped on his body. He was walking on tall black pumps that had extremely narrow heels. He was also wearing a huge pair of shades despite the dimmed lights. His hair was extremely long and he was posing as a woman. Given the nature of the pageant, it was no longer a surprise that he was dressed like that.

But what was surprising was how funny this simple performance was. Synced to the rhythm of the song, he takes of his shades and puts on a big smile, revealing his imperfect teeth and 0utrag3ous makeup. This immediately elicited a lot of laughs from the audience and you can hear them cheering for him in the background.

He walks towards the back part of the stage and removes the scarf, waves it in a circular motion and poses a striking pose. He walked back to the front of the stage as if doing a runway show and tosses the scarf off to the side.

After which, he unstraps the strings of the bottom part of the suit and takes it off. Apparently it was detachable and he was left wearing a very revealing outfit that only covered what needed to be covered. And just as we thought things couldn’t go any more interesting, he starts dancing frantically as if he was having the greatest time on the dance floor.

After this, he starts doing cartwheels and acrobatic stunts that definitely wowed the audience. It was some sight to see as he was doing these crazy stunts while wearing those super high heels. He then throws his high heels to the back of the stage and starts doing crazy breakdance moves. The audience further cheered to the rhythm of the song, and the more they cheered, the more all out the guy went on his performance.

This video is definitely a hilarious one and has gathered many views from all over the World Wide Web. What can you say about his performance?

Watch Video Here:

Barbie Ngotforteza is in the house!!! 😂😂😂

Posted by John Bragais Dollopac on Friday, May 11, 2018

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