7-Year Old Girl Grabs King Cobra, Tosses And Toys With It Using Her Bare Hands

There are a lot of animal whisperers out there. These people are able to communicate with animals as if they could speak their language. And while most people are dog and cat whisperers, there are some who are able to deal with unusual animals.

A video of a 7-year old girl has gone extremely viral on several social media platforms recently. It is because the girl’s bravery and indifference of d4nger was both amazing and b0thersome at the same time.

In the video, we initially see a young girl out in the field. She was wearing a lined blue long-sleeved shirt and khaki pants. In front of her was a cage that was made of part chicken wire, and part metal that was orange in color. Having a closer look at what was inside the cage, we are surprised to see that it was actually a snake.

The girl nonchalantly grabs the snake by the tail and pulls it out of the cage as if it wasn’t at all d4ng3rous. As the snake got out of the cage, we learned that it wasn’t just any type of a snake. It was actually one of the most v3nom0us snakes on earth, a king cobra.

As soon as the snake got out of the cage, it tried to run away from the girl. But the girl was persistent to get a hold of it. She runs to chase it and catches it with the stick that she was initially holding. At this point in the video, we can see the snake trying to protect itself, putting on its defenses and putting up a fight with the girl.

Eventually, the girl was able to catch the snake and grabbed it with her bare hands. What she did next would leave us dumbfounded. She gropes the tail of the snake and starts waving it in the air in a circular motion as if it was a toy and not a wild animal that could b1te her any time.

The girl seems to be enjoying what she is doing and she looked like this was a normal act for her to do in her everyday life. People who have seen the video had rather mixed reactions as they can’t decide whether this was amazing, sc4ry, or just plain s2pid.

Whether the girl was an expert in what she was doing or not, we still recommend that everyone does not try to do this at all as this could lead to some very serious problems.

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ang galing nya!Credit:Feedytv

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Monday, September 17, 2018

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