Kind-hearted Tricycle Driver Helps Out An Elder Cross The Street Amid Typhoon Weather

Nowadays, it’s hard to find people who would go out of their ways just to help others. They are called good Samaritans and we normally hear of them in old stories. But during the prevalence of a typhoon in the Philippines, we are proven that good Samaritans still exists up to this day.

In the video, we can see a rather busy street where a lot of tricycles and cars are passing through the road. We can also see an old man trying to cross the street but seemingly lost as to which direction he should be walking.

Most of the vehicles that pass him did not budge and just continued with their driving. This probably had to do with the fact that the weather was rather st0rmy during this time. It was a time when Typhoon Ompong (international name Mangkhut) was casting its rains and winds on the city where this happened.

In the middle of the road, as he was crossing, the man stopped seemingly confused on what he would do. It is also possible that he felt some p4in in his joints causing him to suddenly stop in the middle of the street. This has caused a black Toyota Innova and a tricycle to stop on their tracks and wait for the man to cross.

But the man just stood there, and much to our surprise, the driver of both the tricycle and the Innova just ignored this old fella and even avoided him by driving past him. At this point in the video, we would feel really sympathetic to the old man as nobody seemed to want to help him. And then the surprising thing happened.

We see a tricycle, with its driver and a passenger inside it, approaching the direction of the man. As soon as he turned left on the intersection, he saw the man and decided to pull over without any hesitation. He parked his tricycle at the side of the road, hopped off his vehicle and approached the old man.

They have a short conversation and based on their non-verbals, it appeared as if the tricycle driver was asking the old man where he was heading. Upon learning that the man wanted to cross the street, he immediately helped the man and accompanied him until he got to the other side of the street.

The video zooms in to the tricycle to catch his plate number, probably so that they could give proper recognition to this good Samaritan who didn’t even think twice to help an old man in need.

Watch Video Here:

Just in: Good Samaritan sa kasagsagan ng Bagyong Ompong.Unang nakita ang matanda na nakatayo sa gitna ng intersection at namamalimos. Agad naman itinawag sa Baliwag Traffic Management Office upang puntahan at tulungan. Habang minomonitor ang sitwasyon ay isang tricycle ang huminto at bumaba ang driver upang alalayan at itawid ang matanda sa gilid ng kalsada. Na trace ng aming tanggapan na biyaheng Sta. Barbara ang tricycle.#goodvibes #bagyokalangtagabaliwagako#serbisyongmaymalasakit

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