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Chinese Flight Attendant Loses Her Job After Boyfriend Proposes To Her During A Flight

Grand proposals and public ones have become rather trending online recently. And if you’ve seen the movie Crazy Rich Asians, you’ll probably be familiar with the whole airplane proposal scene which is what we are reminded of in this trending video.

A video of a proposal has gone viral all over the internet because of the turn of events that it led the couple to. The footage was apparently captured by a passenger of the plane which the woman was working for. The lady who was proposed to was a flight attendant to China Eastern Airlines and her boyfriend was boarded in that flight.

In the initial part of the video, we can see the boyfriend kneeling on one knee, arms stretched out while holding a small box with an engagement ring inside it. It was an apparent proposal in front of the public. The flight attendant seemed very surprised with the whole situation and takes the ring from her boyfriend. We understood this as her way of saying yes to the proposal.

Afterwards, the guy speaks to the passengers of the plane and bows as if thanking them for taking part of the whole proposal. Another flight crew comes out and talks to the flight attendant, motioning to the intercom system. The flight attendant speaks on the intercom and thanks the passengers as well. We later learned that she said she wasn’t aware that her boyfriend was going to propose during the flight. She thanked the passengers for being witnesses to this momentous event in her life.

A lot of the passengers seemed to have enjoyed the sight of two people promising to commit to each other. After all, don’t we all love the sight of romance? But while many of the people in the plane celebrated the love of these people, the management of the airline saw otherwise.

After the proposal, the flight attendant ended up losing her job simply because of the scene her boyfriend created inside the plane. According to the employer, the flight attendant negl3cted passenger safety. They said that the whole proposal stunt was irr3sponsible both on the side of the boyfriend and the flight attendant as it jeopardized the passenger’s safety.

This may be a sad news for the two of them considering that they need to save up for their upcoming wedding, but at least, they should still be happy as they are now engaged and will soon be tying the knot.

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