This Woman Tried The “Slip N Fly” But Nobody Is Happy With The Ending

During the summer season, we are all looking forward to spend our time in resorts and water parks because attractions in these kind of leisure places are really amazing and fit what our body is longing for. The heat of the sun makes us want to jump in swimming pools and just stay in the water for hours or so. But remind yourself to be extra careful if you do not want to experience what this lady just did.

The video below went viral for, perhaps, the wrong reasons? Well, the video showed how a woman ended up after she tried a famous attraction in one of the resorts in Mexico. Some netizens cannot even believe what they saw that they watched the video repeatedly.

According to blog sites which first published the story, the attraction was called “Slip N Fly”, which is a famous attraction in Mexico. Playing in that slide is un but somehow tricky. The slide is so steep that you will literally fly when you reached the end. Flying seems to be so easy but landing has become the main problem of this woman.

In the beginning, the woman tried her turn to go down the slide. It was all pretty normal until she reached the end. When she flied high, there seems to be something wrong with how she projected her body. When she landed on the swimming pool, she flopped hard and her body landed in an unlikely way. It seems the woman has lost it that a rescuer or lifeguard swam towards her direction.

Many netizens shared their opinion regarding the video. Some of them pointed out that the woman’s size is not really appropriate for that kind of slide. Others defended the woman and said her size has nothing to do with what happened. It should be the resort’s owner’s responsibility to make sure that their customers are properly guided and briefed to prevent this from happening.

Whoever is right between these social media users who sparked debate about the video, it is still a clear message for everyone to stay safe and be careful when they are going outside.

Watch the video below:

POde ir minha sogra, que é tranquilo

O Genro falou pra Sogra , pode ir que é tranquilo 👍🏼😂😂😂😂🐳🐳👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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