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Video compilation of the casualties caused by a hurricane

A typhoon is defined as where the location of the storm occurs. It most frequently happens on the western Pacific Ocean off the east coast of Asia near Japan. Hurricanes have the same storms as a typhoon. It’s just called by a different name and happens in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific.

On the morning of September 12, a Facebook user uploaded a video of the casualties caused by a hurricane. Although, it wasn’t named what hurricane is featured on the video. But it can be seen, that it causes a lot of damage in some places filmed on the footage.

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At the start of the video, a building was captured collapsing all the way to the ground. The roofs of the houses and other establishments are already taken by the intense wind. Even a car on the parking lot was already moving the wind showing how extreme it is. Furniture and appliances inside the stores and buildings are already coming outside and moving by itself.

Even a man who was riding a bicycle can’t control his own bike because of the hurricane. Even trucks and other bigger vehicles are moving by themselves. Many things are being destroyed and a lot of stuff coming from above are falling down to the ground. It’s alarming how all the heavy and concrete objects are being flown away by the intense wind like they are just made of paper or plastic.

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The video is noticeable to be a compilation of the video clips showing casualties of a hurricane. But some netizens were saying that the video was fake for the Facebook user captioned it with “2 hours ago in North Carolina.” Though, there was a storm named Florence that just recently left the place. It wasn’t really reported to cause a lot of damage shown on the video.

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Watch The Video Below:

Hace 2 horas en Carolina del Norte.

Posted by Abel Rossman on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Source: Facebook

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