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Elementary Teacher Amazes Students With His Dance Moves In An All Out Performance of a Kpop Song

Back in the day, elementary teachers were rather strict and had a disciplinarian approach towards teaching. They implemented rules and made sure we abided by them. They call us out if we did not finish our school works and even lectured us on how to be individuals with values.

Nowadays, however, teachers have become rather friendly and had taken a different route in educating. Elementary teachers nowadays are more approachable to their students and could sometimes even be treated by their students as their much older friends.

As a matter of fact, teachers have now been more comfortable in being their bubbly selves inside the classroom. Just like this male teacher who amazed the internet with this one of a kind talent.

An amazing footage of an elementary teacher dancing for his class has gone viral recently. In the video, we initially see a classroom full of elementary students, but it was not set up like a typical scene in a public school classroom.

Where seats normally occupy the entire floor area of public classrooms, this one in the video was different. The middle part of the room was empty as the chairs were arranged and lined up next to the walls. This was done so that they would have space for what resembled a dance floor.

We also see the teacher of the class standing in the middle of the room complete with his brown school teacher uniform, black slacks, and leather shoes. A few moments into the video, the teacher starts to somehow pace around the floor area, and we hear the intro part of the famous Kpop song popularized by Momoland, Bboom Bboom.

In a shocking turn of events, the teacher suddenly bursts into groove and dance moves as he nails the choreography of the song. He performs all out with great energy and even delivered the performance with such sass and attitude.

The students are heard yelling and cheering for their teacher as he perfectly does each move for each part of the song. And then came the most famous part of the song, everybody’s favorite, the chorus. This is also the part that most people know as the song has been sort of a dance craze in almost all of Asia and some parts of the west as well.

It was also obvious that he was aware that he was being filmed as he would look the camera eye to eye and projects such a confident face as he moves to the rhythm of the music. Though the video did not show the entire performance as it was cut just towards the second chorus of the song, it was still enough for netizens to be blown away by the teacher’s amazing talent.

Watch Video Here:

Thats my Teacher !

Thats my Teacher !

Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Sunday, September 9, 2018

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