Stay Safe On The Road: Passers By Ignore Two Girls Lying On The Road After Motorcycle Mishap

Time and again, we are always reminded to put our safety first especially when we are on the road. Numerous vehicular mishaps happen all the time, and we should really be careful when we drive. But sometimes, no matter how we follow traffic rules, other people are just careless, just like the ones in this viral video.

The video footage seems to be taken by a dashboard camera of one of the cars on the street. It starts out pretty peacefully with no irregular events happening on the road. It shows several trucks and other vehicles taking turns for their go on the intersection.

In front of the car that was taking the video, there were two guys each seated on their motorcycle. They seem to be patiently waiting and was silently observing the road until their turn.

On the other side of the intersection, we see that there are a bunch of motorcycles waiting for their turn on their designated lane. Finally, the traffic light signaled a go, and the motorcycles went on their way. It was during this time that the mishap happened.

Seemingly out of focus, a blue pickup truck darted across the intersection even if it was not his turn to go anymore. In a surprising turn of events, the blue pickup truck ends up running over a couple of motorcycles with its drivers and riders. The scene was pretty bad as one of the persons in the motorcycle flew quite some distance after having encountered the pickup truck.

The truck stopped a few distance from the scene of the acc1d3nt and the guy who was tossed off from his motorcycle surprisingly stood up. Unfortunately, one of the girls in the scene seemed to have been injured pretty badly. Unable to move, she lied on the road as other involved parties came to her assistance.

The guys from the truck also got off their vehicle to approach the casualties. Behind the camera, we could also hear people speaking in Chinese, obviously speaking with tones of w0rry and urgency. We even hear the words 911 from the people behind the camera.

While all of these things were happening, the two guys in front of the camera just stood there as if nothing was happening in front of them. They just stared at the casualties and shrugged off their shoulders. Clearly, they did not have any intentions to get involved nor to offer help.

Many netizens had mixed reactions to these guys, questioning how they could stand looking at this scene and not do anything at all.

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Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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