This Girl Is Able To Catch A Huge Catfish Using Only Her Bare Hands

Most of the time, women are perceived as weak and dependent beings. The patriarchal society remains strongly present in many countries that until now, there are people who still think that women cannot do what men can. There are stereotypes that suggest how women are being treated in the society.

But fortunately, there are movements and campaigns that advocate for the call that women can be as strong as men, can be as good as men, and can do things that even men can’t do. There are a lot of famous celebrities fighting for this advocacy. The influence of these personalities fuel the effect of these movements to our perception today.

The viral video below seems to be a literal proof that women can do so many things including catching a huge fish in the middle of muddy water. The video features a woman in her jean shorts and blue bikini top. She is very feminine with what she is wearing. However, her strength amazed many netizens because she is able to do the unthinkable.

She plunged into the water as if she is just plainly swimming. There was a man assisting her. Although the water is so muddy, the girl did not think twice of what she is doing. After seconds under water, she decided to get our of the water. Everyone around her is surprised because she goes up with a huge catfish in her bare hands!

If you think this is outrageous enough, then wait for more.

It can be seen that she stuck her whole hand inside the mouth of the fish. She did not stop there as she carried the fish on her shoulder. She posed for the camera and is very amazed with what she just did.

The video gained a lot of comments from the netizens. Some Facebook user said that she may have that proper training in order to pull off such amazing act. There are those who also said that she surpassed average men who cannot even dip their foot on that kind of water.

Watch the video below:

Girl catches HUGE catfish with bare hands :O :O

Girl catches HUGE catfish with bare hands :O :OFor More Videos Like Our Page ► Idhi Vinnara ◄

Posted by Idhi Vinnara on Monday, May 1, 2017

What can you say about this strong lady? Do you think there are a lot like her who can catch a huge catfish with their bare hands? Leave your comments in the box below!

Source: Facebook

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