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Adorable Sour Faces Made By Babies After They Try Lemons For The First Time

The internet has been taken by storm by these adorable babies. We can’t deny the fact that more often than not, babies are among the sources of good vibes that we see on our news feeds. There’s just something about their charm and innocence that gets us all giddy inside. Just take for example this video compilation of babies trying lemons.

These adorable babies’ sweet smiles turn into extremely cute sour faces as they try having a taste of lemons for the first time. In this viral footage, we are shown a compilation of how babies react to the sour taste of our favorite citrus fruit.

These babies are definitely unmindful of the things that they are fed. They basically just open their mouths whenever they are given food and their taste buds tell them whether they like it or not. So when these babies are offered lemons, they didn’t really mind munching on them. Little did they know that they are in for a whole new level of taste.

The first parts of the videos shows common reactions of the babies. They get overly excited upon the sight of the lemon. If you are a baby, seeing the bright colored yellow fruit would definitely excite your visuals, especially if you are not aware of the kick it brings to your taste buds.

The babies appear to be eager to have a taste of the citrus fruit but once they have tasted it, hilarious reactions pour over the screen. One baby, as if by reflex, jerked back so hard after tasting the lemon. Another one visibly shook her entire body as an effect of the sour burst in her mouth.

Other babies, however, were more curious than the others. After experiencing the sourness of the fruit, they gave off some pretty adorable and funny sour faces. But others were persistent to finish the fruit. Despite the sour sensation in their mouths, some babies still tried to taste the lemon again, only to react exactly the same way as the initial tasting.

The adults behind the camera are also clearly having a good time watching these kids subject themselves to this taste test. You can hear the parents behind the lenses laughing and giggling at their children’s facial expressions.

This footage has gathered attention from different social media platforms all over the internet. We can’t really blame people, as it is hard not to watch these adorable kids and their unique facial expressions.

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Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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