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Mom and Baby Take Turns on Pacifier in This Hilarious Video

Probably one of the most popular videos among social media platforms nowadays are footages of babies doing several stuff. Who could forget the compilation video of babies trying lemon for the first time? That video went super viral because of how adorable the babies reacted to the sour taste of the lemon.

But apart from that, there have also been a lot of other baby videos that have trended merely because of the charming and cute vibe that these babies give off. Clearly, they are a source of good vibes and happy hormones. And just when we think we’ve already had enough of these types of videos, yet again another one goes viral.

In a recent popular footage, a baby and a mother take turns in using the pacifier to stop each other from crying. We can initially see the baby nibbling on the pacifier, and then his mom starts to fake cry. Almost immediately, as if by reflex or habit, the baby puts the pacifier inside of his mom’s mouth assuming that it would stop her from crying.

After the baby does this, however, he also starts crying upon realizing the thought that he no longer has the pacifier. This is when the mom gives it back to him by putting it directly in his mouth. But the mom was having too much fun with this game. She was probably testing if the baby would really do it again, so she starts fake crying again.

And sure enough, the baby does it again. Instantaneously, he offers the pacifier to his mom and cries at the same time. The mom was laughing too hard about this whole incident, and just ended up telling the baby, “Just have it” as she smiles to the camera.

Babies are really more intelligent than we give them credit for. They learn by mimicking and observing their surroundings. This baby probably learned that the way to stop a person from crying is to offer them a pacifier as it is how it works for him. And after seeing and hearing his mom cry, he offers the best solution he knows.

This video has amazed rather many netizens from all over the world due to the fact that the baby had a good understanding of what was happening around him. Several social media followers took to the comments section their thoughts about this video, and many found it hilarious. There were even others who tagged their friends letting them know about this video.

Baby pacifier!

Such a crybaby but cute! follow us for more videos Social Daily!

Posted by Social Daily on Thursday, September 13, 2018

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