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Guy Asks Random Girls If He Can Pay Them To Be His Girlfriend So He Can Post Couple Photos On Instagram

A recent viral video lets us in to how a guy effectively delivers a certain pickup line so he can have girls’ numbers. It sounds rather unusual at first, but seeing the turn of events, you might even end up using them in the future.

The video was originally posted to Facebook by a page called Pranks Network, and they seem to be dedicated to posting videos of this kind vids. The said footage has reached 3.4 million views as of now. In it, we see a college dude randomly approaching girls, talking to them with the aim of getting their number.

He starts out by chasing after a girl, and trying to get her attention. The first girl, whose name is Taylor, was rather friendly and was actually into small talking with our main guy, Cody. They exchange “nice to meet yous” and get on to a conversation.

Cody tries to segue into his pickup line by saying that the summer is almost over and that he has been doing a lot of extra jobs like mowing the lawn and stuff like that. After saying such, he offers the craziest idea to this girl he just met. He asks if Taylor would agree if he will pay her to be his girlfriend.

Taylor was of course shocked about this proposal. She nervously laughs at him, and says that she actually has a boyfriend. But Cody was not backing down without putting up a good fight. He jokes at her saying, “Oh so you’re already on a payroll…I can triple that.” And Taylor just laughs again as she tries to walk away from our guy, saying that it was very flattering, but emphasizing the fact that she has a boyfriend.

Cody calls out to her and says, if she doesn’t want the deal, how about giving him her number instead. Of course, Taylor repeats that she has a boyfriend. But Cody was persistent and Taylor ends up giving him her number.

He tells Taylor that he’ll drop her a line so he could take Instagram photos with her. He says that his Instagram profile is getting a bit lonely as he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and all of his friends are in a relationship.

Further into the video, we see him doing the same thing to another girl, who we learn is also not single. But at the end of it all, Cody’s smooth talking wins and he ends up with the girl’s digits.

Watch Video Here:

Can I Pay You To Be My Girlfriend?

"Can I Pay You To Be My Girlfriend?" 😂💰W/ Pranks Network

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